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Over the first weekend of October 2021, I and two friends will be taking part in the 27th Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run.
The event, which was postponed from October 2020 due to the pandemic, once again involves a 2000 mile drive around Great Britain in a classic Triumph, all in 48 hours, pretty much non-stop except for food/fuel breaks! We are again taking Andy's rather special Stag saloon, a car that is older than me (and probably in better condition!)
This year, the chosen charity is Motor Neurone Disease Association so perhaps, instead of donating directly to XMBC, you could sponsor us instead. The event normally runs every two years. Three years ago, XMBC users made a big difference to our fundraising so be sure to leave a comment mentioning XMBC so I can see how many donations are as a result of you good XMBC users.

Donations are welcome but please be aware that they will not buy you additional/faster support or new features. I certainly don't expect donations but at the same time, they are very much appreciated. You can donate with PayPal using the donate button.

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