XMBC Language Packs & User Guides

X-Mouse Button Control, since version 2.4, supports language packs to allow the community to provide translations to the user interface. This page is a place holder for language packs that you can insall into X-Mouse Button Control.

The default language of XMBC is English (UK).
To install a language pack, download it and open it with XMBC (this should be the default). It will then appear in the language selection dropdown in the general settings tab.

The user guide is currently only available in English, German and Russian (below). If anyone wants to translate the user guide to their local language then please contact me and can provide the source (English) word document or you can edit the PDF and send it to me by email or PM of the forums.

Language Pack User Guide Author
Bulgarian (Български) Стоян Димитров
Czech (česky) Kamil Pábl
Finnish (Suomi) Teijo
French (Français) Damien PONNELLE (www.dipisoft.com)
German (Deutsche) Anleitung Andy Kleinert • Dr. Michael Diehl • Sven Foerster • Raffke
Greek (Ελληνικά) Τζιλίνης Κώστας (tinkano)
Hungarian (Magyar) Koncz László
Italian (Italiano) Franz (Utility Box)
Japanese (日本語) Sukemaru
Japanese (日本語) - Old v2.4 Prairial
Korean (한국어) IKASAKI (이카사키) • VenusGirl (비너스걸) (venusgirls.tistory.com)
Nederlands (Dutch) Michel Aarts
Português Brasil (pt-BR) DsCruz • Ray Batista
Polish (Polski) Liquid & Maxoku
Romanian (Română) FileCroco Team
Russian (Русский) Руководство пользователя Eugene / Dolmatov
Simplified Chinese (简体中文) Nan
Slovensky (Slovak) Milan Košút
Slovenščina (Slovenian) Sooftware
Spanish (Latin America)
(Español latinoamericano)
Rommel Sánchez Z
Spanish (Español) Sonoro
Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) Kevin Huang
Turkish (Türkçe) Fatih Aytepe
Ukrainian (Українська) Netavek

Please help by translating XMBC to your language.

Here you can find a sample (empty) language pack that you can use to translate to your language.
Simply edit the file in a text editor and translate the English text (on the left) to your language on the right:

"English text" => "Translated text"

Please bear in mind the size of the dialog as many phrases will not translate into your language and still fit. If you can try and shorten the text where this happens but if this is not possible, contact me and I will see if there is anything I can do to the application.

I have created a tool to help make translations easier, and to allow you to compare to the English template, to ensure that you have all the latest translatable texts. You can find the tool here.

Once you have created your translation, please share it with me, either by email or on the forums. I will add it to this page and the XMBC installation package.

There is a mailing list which I send updates and new translations to when (or before) I release a new version of XMBC. Please contact me if you want access to the mailing list.